Benefits of working out

We all know that working out is important for disease-free and healthy living, but still be find it hard to get ourselves to the gym. Exercise is not all about physical fitness, instead it helps in secure overall well being. And, no matter what job you do, it will surely benefit you to have well working brain and brawn.

If you pick up the top world leaders or celebrities you’ll find that they all focus well on their health. In this article, we’ll see some of the benefits of working out. Maybe reading about the limitless benefits will motivate you to hit the gym.

Workout is a food for your body

Like, food, water and air, physical activity is necessity for your body. By nature human beings are designed to run, jump and constantly move, in order to survive. But, in past few centuries, the level of physical activity of an average person does has plummeted to an alarming level. Earlier in order to satisfy our hunger we have to work hard, which involved lots of physical activity.¬†But, now we don’t have to put any effort for surviving, which includes getting food. Hence, we need another way to mimic that survival struggle our ancestors did. And, it is working out.


Benefits of working out


Give a refreshing start to your day

Taking out time to workout in the morning is the best thing you can do. When you begin exercising in the morning you might feel drained but after one or two weeks, you will start feeling better. And, there will come a time when the more you exhaust yourself in the gym, the more energetic you’ll feel all day long. The rule you have to remember is that “the more intense it is, the better it is for your health.” The body of humans are not designed for high endurance but it is designed for short-term high intensity physical activity.


Improves blood circulation

When you run or do some other other form of cardio or even when you pump iron, your heart starts powerfully pumping blood to different parts of the body. An improvement in blood circulation will not only benefit your physical health but will also help your brain to function with maximum efficiency. To increase blood circulation, all you have to do is increase your heart rate.

Running and HIIT are two of the best workouts for improving blood circulation. The people who have done a decent¬†amount of physical activity all their life have this amazing ability to adapt with the temperature. It means, they won’t feel too cold in cold atmosphere and they won’t feel too hot on a hot day. This is all because of the bodies ability to circulate the blood efficiently.


Keeps you calm

Exercising helps to release all the excess energy, this excess energy is the cause of anger, anxiety and stress. An intense workout opens up your lungs and allows more intake and absorption of oxygen. This extra supply of oxygen is not only good for your health but it also keeps you calm and composed for major part of your day. In the beginning, this effect won’t last for all day, but after months of hard work in the gym, you will be able to maintain this composure for the entire day. This won’t happen automatically, you got to make sure to do exercises that will exhaust you. For this both cardio and weight train can be very helpful.


Increase your lung capacity

Cardio makes you breath heavily which increases your lung capacity. Lung capacity plays a very important role in one’s health. Men and women going for selection in army are tested for how much they can expand their chest. 4-5 inches of expansion is usually the benchmark for selection. The more air your lungs can take at a single time, the more oxygen is available to your body. And, as you know, oxygen is what keeps you alive. In fact, yoga, which helps in curing numerous disease is all about supplying more oxygen to your body and brain. You might have heard about deep breathing for overall well being but frankly turning it into a habit is entire a different story. When you increase your lung capacity, you don’t need to think of deep breathing, your lungs will automatically suck up more air then usual.


Better absorption of oxygen

It is said, the muscles of an athlete have the ability to absorb 35% more oxygen than a normal individual. What this means? First of all, there is no use of high level of oxygen in your blood if you muscles can’t absorb it properly. Secondly, if you regularly train your muscles, you are making them capable of extracting more oxygen from blood than it will usually do. This will not only maximize your performance but it will also prevent fatigue in day to day life. This is especially important when you have a job that involves moving around a lot.


Makes you attractive

It doesn’t matter what people say, looks does matter and it matters enough to change the way people around treat you. In a study it was seen that attractive people end you earning more salary than less attractive people. And, working out is the only thing(apart from alcohol), which can make an ugly person attractive and an attractive person more attractive. And, this is equally important for both men and women. There will not be single girl who is not attracted to big muscles and chiselled abs. And, there won’t be a single man who is not attracted to a toned body and a nice ass. Apart from this, intense physical activity give makes your skin glowing which no beauty product can really do.


Improves immunity

Getting sick frequently not only sucks but it is a huge hindrance to your professional life. A sick person can never be as productive as a healthy person. That is why, now days many companies are looking for employees who are not only skilled but who are physical fit also. Immunity is one of the most important benefits of working out. Apart from mundane infections, a good immune system can also fight fatal diseases like cancer and AIDS. In a study it was seen that, women were attracted more to men with good immune system. So, working out to get robust immune system will not only help you stay health, or do well at work but it will also help you to find a partner more easily.


Helps you sleep better

Now days, the level of competition is so much that it is normal for people to carry stress all day. Things screw up when they take this stress and tension to the bed. Sleep is the time when your body performs the task of repair and recovering. If you can’t sleep properly you will ruin both your physical and mental health. A good intense workout either in the morning or at night will help you sleep better. Regular workouts improves your quality of sleeps and the quality of sleep is as important as the quantity of sleep. A brisk walk for 10-15 minutes before sleep can help you to discard all the excess energy and sleep properly.