How to be a respected person?

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, what is your family background, what position you hold or how powerful you are. All these things can’t make you more respectable. Respect needs to be earned. Your day to day behaviour will define the way people see you.

In this article, we will look at few things that make a person more respectable. It maybe possible that you might be aware of few of the things in the list, but only knowing is not enough, you got to implement it.

The less you talk the more you’ll be heard

Do you have someone in your life who talks all the time? Or are you like that? You might have noticed one thing after a point of time others stop giving importance to their words. And, there might be someone in your relation, your friend circle or your office, who when talks everyone is eagar to listen to him/her.

It is human nature, we stop giving respect and importance to the things that we keep on getting in abundance.

If you consider yourself a talker, then try this, for at least 2 weeks stop talking all the time. And, open your mouth after thinking 10 times. You’ll start to notice the difference.

People around you will start giving more importance to your words and more respect to you.


Don’t bitch about everyone

Are you someone who constantly bad mouth everyone behind their back? If you are, then I wouldn’t wonder why you are reading this article. When you talk negative about people, it creates a negative impression about yourself. Your constant bad-mouthing to someone will make him/her feel, “If he is talking bad about him/her behind their back then he might be talking bad about me behind my back also.”

Many people who bitch about others don’t have anything bad in their heart against those people, they usually do it to keep the conversation going. Such people are rarely respected by others. Secondly, when you talk negative about someone for some time you might feel energy drained.


Be positive

Imagine, there are two people:
1) Alan
2) Charlie

Alan is also negative about everything. He always thinks the worst of the circumstances and people. He curse his luck all the time. He always assumes the worst outcome. If you show him a big white wall with a very small black dot on it, then instead of admiring the wall he will complain about the black mark.

And, then there is Charlie. Charlie is always positive about the things. He lives by the belief that everything happens for good. He trust in people and humanity.

Tell me, who would you prefer to spend your time with? Who would you respect more? If your answer is Charlie. Then you are on the right track. Almost everyone wants to be with a positive person who talks more about light more than darkness.

It doesn’t mean that you should never complain, you should, but there should be limit to it. If out of 100 times, you complain 4-5 times, then people won’t have problem with it. And, in fact they will listen to you more carefully.


Be man of your words

When you fulfil every promise you made and your actions comply to every word of yours, then your friends and acquaintances will start respecting you. When you promise someone to be somewhere at sometime, then be there no matter what force is stopping you from getting there.

If people start accepting your words as a legal contract paper then they will surely respect you. Of course, be very careful when promising and giving your words. Think of your favourite movie characters. Mine is Jason Statham’s from Transporter. People just love man of their words, in spite of them being a little shady at times.


Don’t give advise unless asked

Giving advise is the easiest thing a human can do, but is it ok to give advise all the time? Actually no. First of all, most
of the people don’t like people giving them advise. Because you are not in their shoes, so, how can you be the expert on how to deal with their problems.

Secondly, if you advise someone to do something and he/she gets screwed up(thanks to your million dollar advise), you know the person they will blame.

It is better to keep your mouth shut until someone personally asks for your expert opinion or when you are 100% sure that someone close to you is going down the wrong lane. And, don’t get to hurried about it. Respected people, in general aren’t very quick about giving advise, but when they give advice, people really listen to them.


Accept your mistake

It is okay to be wrong, it is okay to make mistake. But, when you keep on arguing even after you are proved wrong, that is not a man looking for respect should do.

There are two benefits of accepting your mistake:
1) It takes away the satisfaction from your opponent.
2) Accepting one’s mistake is a sign of maturity rather than stupidity.

So, next time you make a mistake. Don’t hesitate to use these two lines:
1) You were right.
2) I was wrong.


Be firm(set some rules)

It is very okay to have a sense of humour but it even more important to know when someone is being humorous and someone being disrespectful. This is an important quality for a women to have. If you have a daughter, a sister, then you should definitely teach them this lesson. You have to set some rules and if someone is crossing the line you should nicely explain them and if they fail to understand, then it is the time to put your foot down. Initially, you might offend a few, but it will be all good in the long run.


Respect your women

A man is respected as much as he respects his women. There is simple reason behind it, when you treat her like a queen you automatically turn into a king and who doesn’t respect a king. Many men intentionally or un-intentionally disrespect their women, and it doesn’t send a good sign to others. They might not say something because they fear you, but from inside they won’t ever respect you. Try this, treat your woman like a real lady, open doors for her, pull out chair for her, talk to her gently, listen to every word she says, and you’ll start seeing that people around you will start treating her with more care and respect. And, that respect will translated to you too.


Be a good listener

Smart people talks, smarter people listens.

There are many times when people like to share their problems in life. And, when they are doing that they might not be looking for a solution to their problem. All they want is to share and feel a little lighter. So, if instead of listening you keep on intercepting them with your expert advise, they will stop sharing with you. We share with people we trust and if we trust someone respect for the follows. You got to learn to be a good listener. And, if you listen carefully, you might be able to come up with a well thought solution.


Encourage people

There are two types of people:
1) The ones who encourage and
2) The ones who discourage.

Take a guess what kind of people are respected more. When someone comes up with an idea or a  plan to you. The first thing, you should do is appreciate it. You show an interest, as it increases the confidence of that person. Discuss it even further, without appearing to be scrutinizing. You won’t believe what a good hand of support can do to the confidence of a person.


Don’t try to prove yourself right everytime

There might come a time when you think you are absolutely right about something, so, you keep on arguing with a person or a group of person. But, you seldom convince a soul. Instead, you get drained up of all the energy.
And, when you so furiously try to prove someone wrong, then it makes them stubborn to prove you wrong.

It is much better to put your point forward and to recognize the possibility of yourself being wrong too. If you consider the possibility of being wrong then other(mature people) will consider the possibility of you being right.

Due to this, people won’t consider you an immature person who likes to argue all the time.