How to sweat more in gym?

Benefits of sweating

Removes waste

There are many ways with which your body removes toxins from the body, like urine, air you breath out, shit and sweat. So, when you sweat you are basically helping your body to remove harmful toxins.

Clear pores

You use all sorts of facial products in order to clear your skin pores, so that your skin can breath easily, but that is all very superficial. Sweating is the most efficient and natural way to clear your skin pores. Think of it as some dirt blocking a pipe and you are thrust water to clear it.

No skin problems

When your skin sweats properly, it decreases the chances of you having skin problem. That is people who do sauna bath regularly have very clear skin. Plus, it gives you a natural glow that no beauty cream can provide.

Motivates you

If while working out you are sweating heavily, it will motivate you. When the drops of sweat drips down your body it gives you a psychological boost.

Cools your body

Apart from eliminating toxins from body, sweat works as your body natural cooling system. When your body temperature increases you sweat glands are activated to cool it down.

Makes you look for attractive

Especially when you are in the gym, it enhances your muscle definition, like when you apply oil to your body.

How to sweat more at gym?

Drink lots of water


It is simple logic, to sweat more you need to have more water in your body. When you drink less water your body goes into a water conservation state.

In that state, you’ll sweat less and pee less. So, to sweat more you need to fill up the tank.


Don’t urinate frequently

Have to even noticed that you urinate more in winters? The reason behind this is that due to lack of heat your body is not able to sweat, which leaves only one passage for water to leave your body and that is through peeing.

So, even if you drink a lot of water but you also urinate very frequently, it won’t help you sweat more. Urinate when you really feel like. Don’t get carried away with a little impulse. Many people urinate when they visit a restroom for checking themselves out it the mirror, for the sake of it.


Drink hot drinks

The purpose of sweat is to cool down your body temperature. But, if you live in a cold country or it is winters, your body is already cold, so you don’t need to sweat. So, in order to sweat more you have to increase the temperature.

You can do that by sipping coffee or some other hot beverage before gym. FYI, coffee increases your metabolism and helps you perform better in the gym.



Do cardio-vascular exercise

If you notice an athlete or someone who have done lots of physical work in his/her life, you’ll see that they sweat alot. This is because their body is use to it. For such people, sweating comes very easy.

When you do weights you also sweat but not like cardio. An intense cardio once in a week will help you sweat a lot and make your body habitual to sweating.


Wear warm clothes

It feels awesome to flaunt your muscles in the gym with those no-sleeves t-shits or a sando but that is not good if you want to sweat. Warm clothes traps the heat inside which will help sweat more.

Plus, without warm clothes your body will cool down quickly, which can result to muscle cramps and injuries.



Don’t rest too much between sets

It is necessary to rest between sets but it does two things which is not desired. Firstly, it lowers down your heart rate and secondly, cools down your body. You see people talking to each other all the time. Don’t be one of them.



Run for 10-15 mins before workout

There might be some trainers who will stop you from running every day. Don’t listen to them. Running is a good way to burn fat, increase heart rate and sweat more.A good run will warm up almost every part of your body. Make sure to warm up your legs and back before start running. It will help you run more. Running is the best warm up and a good warm up session can tremendously increase your power during workout.



Maintain intensity

Although, lifting weight is very challenging but frankly you don’t sweat as much while lifting weights. Lift more weight than you what you can handle easily.

If you are easily doing the last few reps, then you are not doing it correctly. And, as I have said before you should not rest too much.