Meditation can help build muscles

Every time we talk about meditation, a picture of a monk or a healthy muscle-less man comes to our mind. Yes, meditation induce calmness in your body, that is not the only thing it does.

First of all, we all know at any point of time, some chemical reaction is going on in our body. Our body secrete hormones. These hormones are responsible for making and maintaining of our body.

A stressed body and mind can never function well. And, due to the hectic lifestyle it is very easy to be stressed. Meditation brings your body into a normal state by killing stress.

Now, how meditation can help you build muscles? In reality, meditation can effect muscle growth in several ways, both directly and in-directly. In this article, first we will discuss some of the ways in which you can meditate, then will see how meditation can help you build muscle.

How you can meditate easily?

The purpose of meditation is to get your mind to a meditative state. That is the goal, but there is no bondage to how this goal can be reached. If you google, you will find millions of ways with which you can meditate. I can meditate while reading a book. In this article,we will discuss the top 3 techniques of meditation. But, let us discuss a couple of rules of meditation. If you follow these rules, it would be easier for you to get to that state.

Rule #1:

The first rule is, only start meditation when you are totally comfortable with your environment. Your environment consists of your clothes, the temperature of the room, intensity of the ambient light, mat you are sitting on. And, the most important thing is your sitting position. In my experience, many people fail to meditate because they think there is only one way to sit(crossed legs and straight back without support) while meditating.


It is good if you can sit like that without any trouble, but most of the people can’t. For beginners, it is better to find a chair or a place where you can get back support. Because, the only way you can meditate is by relaxing. You can even lie flat while you meditate, but there is a good chance of you going to sleep.

Rule #2:

Try not hearing loud music before meditation. Loud music makes you super active and we don’t want that. We need your mind to be active, but not in a disturbed way. According to me, the best time to meditate is right after an intense workout. At that time you are already in a state of calmness, hence meditating will be very easy and automatic.

Method #1:

It is the simplest and yet the most effective way to meditate. All you have to do is focus all your attention on breathing. Feel the movement of air through your nose and into your lungs, pushing your abdominal organs outwards. You should feel the cold and positive air going inside your body. This air absorbs all the negativity and carries it out of your body. Make sure to deep breath. One way to breathing deep properly, is to go really slow.

Within few minutes of doing it, you’ll notice that you are not taking in as much air as you were taking before. And, slowly it will diminish even more. The reason behind this is that when you are meditating, your body is in complete rest. You don’t require as much oxygen as you normally do.

Note: Try not to meditate before working out.

Method #2

Focus on your third eye. It is located between your eyebrows. Actually, a little bit above it. If you focus properly, you’ll be able to visualize light radiating out of it. Of course, you have to do systematic breathing. If you do it properly, after sometime you will able to feel a very ticklish tension on that part. Now, all you have to do is maintain that tension, for as much as you can. In my experience, doing it the first time is relatively easy, after that you’ll find hard to concentrate and focus. This is the point where majority of people quit meditating. But, if you have the will power to go on, then that state will come easy and quickly.

Method #3:

This is most complex method, but can have amazing effects. The core principle of meditation is the block the sensors of the body, so that your mind can focus properly. Our eyes, skin,ears, nose are the sensors of our body. We close our easy when we meditate, so that part is clear. You can use ear plug(that you use in swimming pool) to stop any sound from the environment.

You don’t light incense candles or avoid anything which have a distinct smell. Keep the temperature of room neither very hot nor very cold. Your skin is very susceptible to the temperatures that is not normal.

Now, in this technique all you have to do is focus on the sounds that arises from your body. The first sound you will encounter would be of your heart. All you have to do is focus on it. If everything goes right, then that sound will start diminishing and some other sound will replace it. The sound you hear can vary from person to person. From that point and on, all you have to do is focus on different sounds.


Now, let us finally talk about the things which excites almost every one. Muscle building.

Meditation and muscle building

Remove stress and increase testosterone

If you have meditate previously, you will know that meditation removes anxiety and makes your body stress free. I don’t know if you are aware of the fact that when you are stressed a hormone called as cortisol is released in your body. Although, it is not the only one, but it is the primary. The common thing between both cortisol and testosterone is pregnenolone.

It can be seen as one of the component of both cortisol and testosterone. When stress increases the body produces cortisol, the more cortisol is produced the less pregnenolone will be left to produce testosterone. So, by removing stress and in-turn cortisol you can increase you bodies capability to produce testosterone.

Testosterone is one of the most important things to build muscles. It helps you build more muscle and faster. With high level of testosterone your performance in gym will dramatically improve.  And, you won’t be able to find a better(both artificial and natural) way to reduce stress.


Helps you sleep better

The two universal advise that every good trainer gives; Workout intensely and sleep properly. Most of the people don’t understand the real importance of sleep, when it comes to muscle building. If I have to divide I would give equal share to diet, workout and sleep.

But, in this hectic world, there are few adults who can have  quality sleep. Meditation helps you with that. Note, I have used the word “quality”. This is because sleeping for long hours is not sufficient, but that sleep should not be interrupted multiple times through the night. People who practise meditation experience un-interrupted sleep.

Important: One drastic change I saw in myself, was that, after few weeks of meditation, my need for sleep reduced drastically. Before this, I use to sleep for at least 8 hours, but now I sleep for only 6 hours. And, this doesn’t mean I set alarm to wake.

I sleep at 10 o’ clock at night and automatically I wake up at 4-4:15 feeling as refreshed as I can feel. Secondly, I don’t wake up at night(for peeing or anthing). If I sleep at 10, then my eyes will directly open at 4. Thirdly, before meditation I used have problem in going to sleep. Now, I can sleep at will.


Makes you more focussed

Stay focussed. This line you might have heard in many sport-based movies or from the mouth of some athlete or your couch. It is not just a good sounding line, it actually means something. When you are in the gym, your mind is usually diverted from the things you are doing at that particular time.

This is not at all good for muscle building. I am sure you have heard the term “mind-muscle connection”. In simple terms, when you are working out, your mind should be aware of exactly what muscle you are working on. It should feel the exact amount of tension on a particular muscle.

When you meditate, over the time, you are able to control your mind better. So, when you would exercise, your entire focus will be on the exercise and nowhere else. Secondly, when you are focused you can exercise better. When your thoughts are somewhere else, then most probably you won’t follow proper technique, you’ll forget to squeeze at the end, you won’t breath properly or arch your back.


Increases your will power

According to me, the last few headway reps contributes to the major portion in your gains. So, it very important to finish those last few reps. Here, a person’s will power comes into picture. People who are known to have good will power are able finish the complete set, no matter what. But, people with low will power often leave the set in the middle, as soon as the things start to get tough. Meditation helps you build your will power.


Provides more amount of oxygen

As I have told before, you have to deep breath while meditating. Breathing deep doesn’t only have temporary effect, it also have permanent effects on your body. While you practise deep breathing it helps to increase the size of your lungs. So, if you have larger lungs, it means you’ll be able to take large amount of air, which in-turn means more amount of oxygen.

Just by increasing the amount of oxygen, you can maximize your performance in the gym. You’ll be able to lift more and for greater number of reps. You will be able to increase the intensity of your workout without getting tired easily. More amount of oxygen is also related to decreased muscle pain.



If you are someone who gets sick quite often and who also desire to build muscle, then meditation is the right thing for you. A break is the biggest killer of your goals to have a perfect body. I have seen people who were regular to gym for months and then one day they got sick, so they skipped gym for a few days. But, they never went back. There can be many reason to skip gym, it is better to avoid as many reason as you can. There can be work related or family related issues as well, which you can do nothing about.

Meditation is for wellness of both body and mind. People who practice meditation don’t fall ill as often, which in case of body builder can be really helpful. As we have discussed before meditation allows more amount oxygen into your system. You can prevent a great number of diseases just by increasing the level of oxygen.


If you ask me the best benefit of meditation, I would say it allows you to seize the control of your mind. So, you are under a training period which involves low fat diet. Your trainer forbid you from drink alcohol. Suddenly, one fine day, your friends plan to meet. You go to the bar/restaurant, where rendezvous was to take place thinking you would restrain yourself from eating fatty food and drinking liquor.

Everything goes according to the plan until one of your friend offers you something very delicious yet unhealthy dish, that is one of those point where you need complete control over your mind to say “NO”. This was just one example, there would be many times where your abstinence will be truly tested. Whether you control your mind or your mind control you, would decide what the end result would b.


These were some ways with which meditation can help build muscles.