15 Ways to increase testosterone naturally

How to increase testosterone levels in men is the question circulating in your head, then you are at the right place.

You have heard about testosterone a million times, but most of the people are not acquainted with the many benefits of testosterone. It is very important that the testosterone is kept to an optimal level. But, how do you do that?

Pharmaceutical companies want you to believe that you need what they are selling. Like testosterone. There are various types of testosterone replacement therapy, but no matter how safe they claim it to be, it cannot be as safe and as effective as natural hormones.

In this article, we discuss various methods to increase testosterone naturally.

how to increase testosterone

Ways to increase testosterone naturally

 1) Compound exercise


Yes, exercise is the best and simplest way to increase testosterone in your body naturally. It is very obvious. But will any exercise do? Apparently not.

Which part you target and for how long you workout plays an important part in it. Actually, it is simple. The bigger muscle group you target the more testosterone is produced. Unlike isolation exercises, a bigger set of muscles are targeted in compound exercise.

And, for time. A short duration, high intensity workout, produce more testosterone than a long duration workout with low intensity. In fact, you might start to lose testosterone if you stretch your workout too much.


2) Meditation

At the current time, stress is a problem, with which, everyone of us is suffering. When you get stressed, a hormone is released by the adrenal gland. It is called “cortisol”. Latest research indicates that high cortisol level leads to lowering of testosterone level in your body.

So, in order to increase your testosterone level you need to pull your Cortisol level down. And, for doing that there is no better way than meditation. Many research suggests that a few minutes of meditation can considerably reduce the stress level. And, it will benefit you in many more ways.


3) How to raise testosterone level just by posing?

If I tell you that you can increase testosterone naturally just by standing in a particular way, would you believe it? But it is true. Research suggests that just by standing in a power pose you can temporarily increase the testosterone level by 20% and decrease the Cortisol level by 25%.

A male Gorilla uses the same tactic in order to assert his dominance. He does this by walking straight(as tall as possible) or by raising its arms up in the air. There can be many power poses, but the core of this theory is, you have to feel good and powerful, it doesn’t matter what pose you attain in order to do that.


4) Lower estrogen

Estrogen is nothing but the female counterpart of the testosterone. Estrogen is responsible for developing female characteristics. Along with testosterone, males also produce a small amount of estrogen, which is necessary (like for bone density). But, an excess of estrogen can create a lot of problems.

It can not only reverse some effects of testosterone, but also suppress the production of testosterone. The main problem here is not the elevated level of estrogen but in fact it is the estrogen:testosterone ratio that should concern us. The level of testosterone should considerably be at a higher range than estrogen.


5) Hot girls


A study was conducted on a group of skateboarders, analyzing their risk taking abilities in the presence of beautiful girls. It was found that the skateboarders were taking more risk in the presence of the women.

When their testosterone level was checked, a higher amount of testosterone was found. The conclusion of this study was that just being around beautiful girls spiked up the level of testosterone in men.


6) Cholesterol

For so many years, cholesterol is seen as an enemy of your health. But, cholesterol is one hell of a misunderstood guy. Let me start by saying, that about 75% of the brain is made up of cholesterol.

Cholesterol is very important nutrient for our body. It is one of the few natural testosterone boosters that is available very easily and in abundance. And, it cholesterol is converted into testosterone by the testes. So, if you want naturally increase testosterone, cholesterol must-must be in your diet. So, instead of throwing egg yolk away, you should eat more of it.


7) Avoid alcohol

If you are looking to increase your testosterone level you should keep a distance from alcohol. The reason being, alcohol effects production of testosterone in many ways. First and the foremost, alcohol increases the Cortisol level in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone, known to decrease the testosterone production.

The second way with which alcohol affects the testosterone is by affecting our sleep. Testosterone is produced, during you sleep, therefore, it is necessary for you to get sound sleep. But, in inebriated state, you don’t get quality sleep, you wake up a frequent number of times.

Exercise to increase testosterone

8) Zinc

Zinc helps to increase testosterone level. When our body is totally exhausted, the testosterone significantly drops. So, people who have to do work that exhaust them by the end of the day,  have a greater chance of having low testosterone. But, zinc helps in preventing this from happening. It helps in increasing the testosterone and to maintain an optimal level.


9) Sleep in cold room

Actually, for all the hormonal activities to take place the body needs a cold environment. During the day, you go out for work or to shop, that is why you can’t maintain your body temperature, but that is not the case during you sleep.

You should try to sleep in a cold room with minimum light possible. Studies have shown that, by just doing this generation of  testosterone in your body will increase.


10) Have sex!

This is probably the one of the easiest natural ways to increase testosterone. As I have written in an article of mine, there is a very strong connection between sex and testosterone. Testosterone directly or indirectly affects everything that is related to sex.

First of all, sex in general, is very good exercise for your body, and apart from that while you are having sex, your body feels the need to increase testosterone production, maybe to make sex even more pleasurable. This is probably the best natural way to increase testosterone.


11) Eat EFA’s

“EFA” stands for essential fatty acid. As the name suggests these fats are essential for the regular functioning of your body. Omega-3 and omega-6 comes under the category of essential fatty acid. Omega-3 is a great testosterone booster and it must be included in your diet, if you are wanting to increase your testosterone secretion. Cod liver oil is the best source for omega-3. Flax seeds are also rich in omega-3.


12) Sunbath


Sitting under sun is the simplest treatment for low testosterone. Vitamin-D largely plays a role in production of testosterone. The vitamin-D that we get from our diet is insufficient. Our skin produces vitamin-D on exposure to the sunlight. That is one more reason why people in earlier times have a lot more testosterone on average, as they worked in open more.

You can also buy vitamin-D supplement from any medical store, but it is always a better idea to keep everything as natural as possible.


13) Follow competitive sports

In a research, conducted on effect of watching and following a competitive sport on the testosterone of people. I was seen, that the testosterone level considerably increased or decreased depending on the whether their team was winning or not. So, if you don’t already, then start following a sport, especially one in which your favourite team has a pretty good chance of winning.


14) Workout your core

Working out core helps increasing testosterone in many ways. First of all, when you work your core, you are using multiple muscles. And, as I have told before when more muscles are used, the body feels the need to produce more testosterone. Secondly, I might have talked about a little trick to produce more testosterone. You have to just push. When you push beyond your limits, you give a signal to your body, that you need more muscle than what you have. That is why, your body release more amount of growth hormone.


15) Cut down on masturbation

Yes, too much of  masturbation can result in reduction of testosterone. There are many reasons behind it, one of them is that masturbation deprive our body of necessary minerals needed to produce testosterone. Secondly, excessive masturbation disturbs your overall hormonal profile, which in turn disturbs you testosterone production. To read in detail click here.


Conclusion: How to increase testosterone naturally?

While trying the things in above list will surely help to increase your testosterone naturally but the amount of increase may depend on many other factors. Like, what is your overall diet, how much physical activity(apart from workout) you do in a day, your genetics, your age, etc.

If your age is past 50, then only doing these things might not naturally increase your testosterone to an optimal level. In that case, you should opt. for a testosterone replacement therapy. But, keep it as a last resort.


Things you shouldn’t do if you want to increase your testosterone

1) Don’t take very long walks.

2) Avoid too much masturbation.

3) Don’t watch negative serials or  that builds up stress.

4) Don’t sleep at irregular times.

5) Don’t eat too much sugar.

6) Don’t go on low fat diet.

7) Stop smoking.

8) Don’t take too many steam baths.

9) Avoid work straight after workout.